The island of La Gomera is an oasis for those who are part of the association. We want to do our bit to keep it that way.

Pilot Whales closeup

We are specialists in mobiles, TV series, football or intimate relationships with all our neighbours, but if we go to the countryside we are scared of unknown bugs like spiders or ticks. We don’t even know how to distinguish the trees our grandparents planted or the herbs they used to work with.

Our knowledge is even worse when it comes to the sea. Perhaps this can be explained by the loss of reality on the surface of the water, since it seems that what we cannot see with our own eyes does not exist:

net with small fishes

We cannot see how huge amounts of carbon dioxide are fixed in the water by the work of small planktonic plants, nor the oxygen released in the same action. We do not see what incredible amounts of living beings feed on these plants, because they are too small and transparent.

We ignore many of the processes that influence the living conditions of these living beings and, of course, we do not see the consequences that our actions have for them.

We do not appreciate the enormous biomass in the sea, where one third of the world’s population covers its protein needs, and we do not even see what the enormous whales do under the surface of the water.

Blue shark (Prionace glauca)

But we should be interested. All of nature’s processes are intertwined with each other and with us. Our quality of life depends on it.

Many of the processes of connecting organisms to each other and how they depend on environmental factors are also ignored by politicians and even unknown to science. Therefore, interventions in the system should only be carried out with great caution. We can use our minds as much as possible and prevent major disasters in the future.

We intend to spread the word about what amazes us on this island…